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Bernie Williams

Baseball Legend and Latin
Grammy-Nominated Musician

Bernie Williams – baseball legend and Latin Grammy-nominated musician
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Baseball is personal to me, but so is liver disease. It has affected several people in my family, including my mom, my
uncle and my grandfather — and I've seen first-hand the difficulties and feelings that come with it.

Many people living with liver cancer may also have other liver-related conditions like chronic liver disease, viral
hepatitis, fatty liver disease, or cirrhosis. So, if you are living with liver cancer, it's important to be proactive when it
comes to your liver health overall.

To help others remember things that impact liver health, I went back to my baseball roots to come up with four bases
of liver health: nutrition, exercise, sleep and mental health. If you ever start to feel overwhelmed with where to start
when it comes to liver health, you can come back to this video and break it down into four bases.

Life may throw you curveballs, but all you can do is step up to the plate and try your best. I hope that by
understanding these four bases, you can feel empowered to hit a "home run" for liver wellness.

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In October 2022, baseball legend and Latin Grammy-nominated musician, Bernie Williams, joined oncologist Mark Lewis, MD, and TV personality Lisa Marie Falbo to discuss the four bases of liver health.

One liver to love downloadable resource
One liver to love downloadable resource

Download the One Liver to Love
resource with tips to remember the
four bases of liver health

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